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28 August 2012 @ 11:52 am
Didn't See That Coming (1/1), [Push]  
Title: Didn't See That Coming
Fandom: Push
Characters & Pairings: Cassie/Nick
Rating & Warnings: K+
Word Count: 600
Genre: Romance
Summary: They celebrated her birthday a different day each year.
Author's Notes: Written for the incredibly aweome laura_josephsen for her birthday! Happy birthday, chickie! I hope your day is filled with awesomeness and blessings! :D :D

They celebrated her birthday a different day each year.

If Cassie had her way, she and Nick would spend her actual birthday memorializing the fact that they had managed to survive another year from Division. But, after three failed attempts to surprise her with a gift (she couldn’t help what she Saw, she reminded him), Nick declared that they would celebrate her birthday on a day of his choosing.

The gifts were never big and usually practical which was fine with Cassie. The few things he had gotten over the years--a gaudy pair of leg warmers, a can of neon pink hair color, a notebook and pens, and a pair of porcelain chopsticks--were all treasured by her.

When she walked into the rundown hotel room she and Nick were crashing in, she saw the impish look on his face. That’s when Cassie knew today was her “birthday”. She walked up to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed and held her hand out. “All right, give it to me.”

“Give what to you?” he asked, confused.

“My birthday present.”

His brows shifted downwards. “You couldn’t have Seen this.”

“I didn’t. I just recognize the ‘I’ve got a secret’ look on your face.” She frowned briefly. “No wonder you suck at playing poker.”

“Just because I don’t count cards, like some people...” He looked up at her face. “You don’t know what I’ve got planned, right?”

She crossed her arms, annoyed. “I just told you I didn’t See this.”

A wide grin passed over his face. “Good. Now close your eyes.”

He was really taking this whole surprise thing a bit too far, but Cassie knew arguing with him was pointless. Nick was stubborn when he wanted to be. She did as he requested and waited.

A second passed. Then another. Just as she was about to ask him what was taking him so long, Cassie felt the heat of his breath dance over her mouth before she felt an unfamiliar pressure against her lips.

He was kissing her!

Her eyes shot open as his hands came up and caressed her jaw. His eyes were closed; he seemed completely focused on giving her a memorable birthday present. Quickly, her brain reminded her that kissing a person back was normally the customary return gesture. Especially when that person was Nick.

She responded eagerly (but not too eagerly, she hoped) and ran her hands through his hair as the kiss deepened.

She had Seen snippets of them being together --a kiss on the cheek in a random hotel room, a hug in the middle of a busy shopping center, a caress on the hand in the cabin of a car-- but she didn’t know when --or if-- that would have ever happened with the way the future was always changing.

Soon, (but not too soon) they pulled away from each other, breathing heavily. Cassie felt more off-kilter than she had felt in a long time, but she was determined not to let it show too much. She leaned her head against his forehead. “That’s my present? You never give me anything nice.”

A lazy grin pulled Nick’s lips as he moved back. “I thought that was pretty nice.”

Cassie shrugged. “If you say so.”

Her eyes were drawn downwards to Nick’s swollen lips. He caught her stealing a look and his smile widened. “I know so.”

She rolled her eyes, despite the grin on her face. “Shut up and kiss me, Nick.”

He leaned forward. That impish smile was back, she noted. “Only because it’s your birthday.”